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Africa Coaster

What you need:

  • Africa mould
  • PoxyPigment Green
  • PoxyPigment White
  • PoxyPigment Black
  • 75ml mixing cups
  • Mixing utensils
  • Mini Lighter

How did we do it?

*Find our simple Craft Resin mixing instruction HERE

  • Mix your Craft Resin as per the mixing instructions. 1 Parts Resin and 1 Part Hardener by volume.
  • Divide your mixed resin into 4 cups.
    • Cup 1: Dark Green (we used PoxyPigment Green and Black)
    • Cup 2: Light Green (we used PoxyPigment Green and White)
    • Cup 3: Green PoxyPigment
    • Cup 4: White PoxyPigment
  • Pour a little of each colour to get the affect as shown in the image.
  • Fill the mould to the desired depth.
  • You can use a heat gun to bring movement to your resin creation. Be careful not to burn your mould.
  • You can pop the surface bubbles with a lighter.
  • Cover your work with a bowl or a box to protect it from dust.
  • Un-mould after 12-24 hours.

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