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Alcohol Ink Coasters

It is such fun using Alcohol ink to create unique art

What you require:

  • Alcohol Ink 
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol – available at Dis-Chem
  • Pipettes
  • Straw
  • Alcohol Ink Paper
  • Craft Resin
  • Mixing cup and Sticks for mixing your resin
  • Art Knife

How did we do it

Place your Alcohol Ink Sticker paper on a flat surface. We used some sticky tape to hold down the paper and keep the paper in place whilst working.

  • Use your Pipettes and add some drops of clear 91% rubbing alcohol to your paper. This allows the ink to flow over your paper. Add the clear alcohol where you would like to place your colour ink.
  • Now add 3-4 drops of colour ink on top of the clear alcohol.
  • Slowly blow your ink using your straw. The straw allows you to have more control. You can add more clear alcohol should you want to move around the ink more.
  • For our first colour we used Teal Alcohol Ink but we also added Passion purple to bring the art alive. 
  • It might look like a mess to you now, but we will soon transform it into something truly special. Allow your alcohol ink to fully dry before moving onto the next step.
  • Remove the tape that is holding down your alcohol ink paper. Crap your coasters and your art knife.
  • Remove the alcohol ink sticker paper backing, exposing the sticker.
  • Place the paper upside down on a cutting mat, having the art at the bottom. Careful not to scratch the alcohol ink by moving the paper around to much. 
  • Place your coasters on top of your sticker paper and make sure to firmly press it down to create a good bond.
  • Use your art knife to trim away any access paper around your coasters.
Now to add Resin:
  • Place your coasters on a level surface. You will required 15ml mixed resin per coaster.
  • Mix your resin at 1:1 ration by volume.
  • Slowly mix your resin until no more streaks are visible.
  • Pour some mixed resin onto your coaster and spread it to the edges, be careful not to scratch the alcohol ink in the process.
  • Add enough resin to form a nice dome on your coaster. Pop all the surface bubbles with your lighter and cover your work to protect it from dust.
  • Allow it to cure for 8-12 hours for it to be tough dry.
  • A full 7 day curing is recommended before using it as a coaster.      
Remember resin can only withstand temperatures of 50 Degrees Celsius. A coffee cup can sometimes reach higher temperatures and will then leave a ring on your coaster.

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