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Casting XL - Skull Project

Casting XL can be used to create larger projects in one single pour.

What you require:

  • Skull Mould #410
  • Pinata Alcohol Ink – Pearl
  • Pinata Alcohol Ink – Lime Green
  • Mixing Jug
  • Mixing Utensils
  • PoxyArt Casting XL Resin
  • Kitchen Scale

How did we do it

Follow our easy to follow Mixing Guide to mix your Casting XL.

  • PoxyArt Casting XL is a slow curing resin, this minimizes the heat it gives off whilst curing, allowing you to pour larger volumes without having to stress about having a flash cure.
  • PoxyArt Casting XL Resin is 1:2 mixing ration by weight.
  • Use your kitchen scale and weigh out 240g Resin and 120g Hardener in your measuring jug.
  • Mix until no streaks are visible.
  • Pinata Ink is not specifically made for resin so they do sometimes change colour when mixed into resin. We were so surprised when the Lime Green turned into this amazing blue. 
  • Add just a few drops of the Lime Green ink and mix. You can add more to get the desired colour.
  • Add some Pinata Pearl to add a beautiful shimmer.
  • Mix well before pouring your resin into your mould.
  • Leave to cure. Curing can take up to 7 days so be patient. 

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