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A to Z of Epoxy Resin Pigments​

A to Z of Epoxy Resin Pigments Epoxy Resin can be used as a clear transparent casting which are beautiful and necessary especially when you are creating memory pieces to last a lifetime. Sometimes you want to add that funky colour to get that great effect that you have seen on Pinterest, well the following […]

Which resin is best?

Types of Resin and Their Uses When working with resin it is important to know that there are many different types of resin that are made for different applications. Some are made for crafting, some are made for doming, and others are made for pouring large volumes. They all are made with different properties, and […]

Cosmic Creations

Meet Cosmic Creations Where did it all begin? Simone is a clinical Audiologist turned Life coach who found her passion and purpose by helping others heal and love themselves again through UNDERSTANDING THEMSELVES BETTER. She believes that the 1st step to truly loving yourself is UNDERSTANDING yourself. Simone spent many years stuck in a corporate industry […]

PoxyArt’s Small Business Partnership

#PartnerWithPoxyArt: Feature your small business PoxyArt would love to give back to the resin art community and help grow your small business. Here at PoxyArt, we not only believe in the success of our business, but we believe in yours too! Our aim is to help you get the exposure your small business deserves, while you […]

The Poxy Pot: Pearls of Wisdom

The Poxy Pot: Pearls of Wisdom Whether you’re a newbie in the resin art world or have been doing this for quite some time… you’ve definitely heard of PearlEx Powders also known as Mica Powder! Regarded as one of the most versatile pigment options for a wide variety of crafts, PearlEx Powders offer a highly […]

All you need to know about silicone moulds

Have you ever wondered how to use a silicone mould for resin? When using PoxyArt Craft Resin you do not need to use any release agent in your mould. It’s that easy. Simply pour and unmould.. 8 Steps to get the best result from silicone moulds: Ensure that your mould is clean, dry and has […]

The tools to create resin art

Now that you have your basic tools together, it’s time to create resin art. There are a few more items resin art tools you can get once you’re confident enough to spend some money to take your hobby to the next level. We’ll also troubleshoot some common problems below. On the level When creating resin […]

Resin tools for beginners

When you decide to start working with epoxy resin, it’s crucial to have the right tools. Since each resin tool is used for a very specific task, you should ensure you use the correct tool to save you time, effort and money. Let’s look at where to begin getting your resin tools together. You can […]

Epoxy resin jewellery

If you are creative, you can make your own epoxy resin jewellery. Many people have found that learning how to use epoxy resin for craft is a great way to do some original and fun designs. You can use this resin type to create unique epoxy resin jewellery for any special occasion or just as […]

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