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Dried Flower Heart

Doing a big pour can be daunting, but don’t stress we are
here to guide you.

You have two options when doing a big pour.

Option 1 – You can use Craft Resin and do your casting in
layers. This works well when you want to use the first resin layer to hold something

Option 2 – You can use our Casting XL and pour your large
mould in one go with out having to stress about exothermic reaction. When you
are pouring large tables, you will however need to control the room temperature,
make sure to do your research before attempting a river table.

What you require:

We wanted to do a layer of resin first and add our flowers to keep them from floating to the top. So, for this project we used our PoxyArt Craft Resin.

  • Large Heart Mould
  • Mixing Jug
  • Mixing Utensils
  • Dried Flowers

Grab these items:

Step by Step Guide:

  • Find a level working surface and cover it with a silicone working mat or plastic sheet.
  • Have a plastic container or box close by to cover your mould when you are done pouring your resin.
  • Add 50ml Hardener and 50ml Resin into your mixing jug.

Bubble Tip!
In winter the resin is a lot thicker, boil the kettle and pour some water in a bowl. Add your resin and hardener into your mixing cup (do not mix yet), put your mixing cup in the boiled water and leave it for a few seconds. You will notice as you start to stir slowly that the mixture is a lot thinner. Mix slowly until no streaks are visible. Don’t leave it in the hot water for too long as it will speed up the curing.

  • Pour your mixed resin into your mould and pop any surface bubbles using a lighter. You can allow your resin to stand for a few minutes to allow the bubbles to rise to the surface. Use a toothpick to bring any bubbles stuck at the bottom to the top and pop with a lighter.
  • After you are happy that your resin is clear from any bubbles, you can now start placing your flowers into the wet resin. Make sure that each flower touches the resin to allow it to cure in place.

Bubble Tip!
Be carefull not to use a lighter after placing your dried flowers as they will burn.

Flower Tip!
Always use dried flowers in your resin. Using fresh flowers will result in them turning brown and lose all their colour very quickly. See some tips on drying your flowers here.

  • Cover your work with your box or container so dust does not settle on your resin whilst curing.
  • Check up on your resin every 5 minutes and pop any bubbles that has come to the surface. After 20 min your resin will thicken and you can now leave it to fully cure.

After 8-12 hours

  • Your resin will now be cured enough to add the second layer. We poured one layer in the morning and one in the afternoon, allowing us to pour 2 layers in a day and speeding up the process.
  • Repeat this process until your mould is filled and has a nice dome finish on top.

Make sure to mix each layer well. Having unmixed resin in your layers will result in you seeing the different layers when you unmould.

Once you are happy with the level you can unmould your resin and add a clear dome coat for a perfect finish. 

Top Tip!
Using a Pressure Pot will allow you to get a clear casting without any micro bubbles. To read more about using a pressure pot click here.

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