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Drying Flowers for Resin Castings

You want to capture a memory in resin using a flower bouquet from your wedding or a rose from your first date…

But what do you need to know before you start?

  • Your flowers need to be dry before using them in resin.
  • It is best to dry your flowers from as fresh as possible for best results.
  • Dried flowers will float when you put them in resin so always plan ahead and start with a thin resin layer first to secure your flowers to the bottom.
  • Bigger flowers will take longer to dry than smaller ones.
  • The colour of a fresh flower will change when dry, and some flowers will not dry as nice as you imagine them, such as white flowers.

Why do you need to dry your flowers before casting it in resin?

Flowers will naturally decompose after a period of time, casting a flower in Resin does not stop this process. Your flower will still decompose and turn brown inside you resin.

One way of preserving a flower is to dry it completely. Removing all the moisture from the flower allows the flower to still keep its colour and not rot.

This flower is only a few months old and already it has lost all its colour and is starting to turn brown, no one wants that….so make sure that your flowers are 100% dry.

What is the best way to dry your flowers?

Different flowers needs to be dried using different methods.

For small delicate flowers or petals the simple way of placing them in a book for a few weeks, will work best.

For your larger flowers like roses, that you do not want to press, you can use Silica Powder. This will remove all the moisture from the flower with in a few days to a few weeks, without losing its original form.

For hardy flowers like a Protea, we would suggest hanging them upside down on a string for a few weeks.

How do you dry flowers using Silica?

Drying flowers using our Silica Powder can not be any simpler.

When you purchase Silica Powder at PoxyArt it already comes in a plastic container. Remove some silica from the container and place your flowers carefully on top of the powder. Pour the Silica you have taken out on top and around of the flower, cover them completely with the silica. Seal the container and leave for a week or two, depending on your flower type. Wright the date on the container to remind you when you have added your flower.

Drying time does depend on the flower. When removing the flower from the silica, be careful not to damage the now dry and fragile flower. The Silica Powder is extremely fine and will not leave indents on your flower petals. Use a soft paint brush to dust off the silica from your flower.

Can I reuse my silica?

Yes, silica can be used over and over again. Silica absorbs moisture and will eventually reach its capacity and stop drying your flowers. So how will you know that your silica is saturated, and how do you fix it? Well when you order at PoxyArt, we add a packet of colour changing silica to your order. Simply add the colour indicating beads to your bucket as per the instructions you will receive with your order.

The colour indicating beads will be orange when dry and green when saturated. You can now follow the following guide to rehydrate your silica and use it again. Download you guide HERE.


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