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Meet Fassa Jewellery

Where did it all begin?

Fassa Jewelry first started to take shape when I was in my matric year in 2017. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a beautiful dandelion captured in resin epoxy. I was so amazed and started doing research on resin. After many failed attempts and some good attempts as well, I started to get the hang of it. My small business started to grow, and my products gained a lot of attention and interest. Today, I am very proud of how far Fassa has come and although my business is still small, my products and skillset have improved a lot. 
I enjoy custom orders from clients and love seeing their ideas come to life by my hand. All our products are unique, made with love and a passion for resin, jewelry and art. 

What makes my product or service stand out?

My products are high quality, and each piece is unique. We make our customer’s ideas come to life by using personalised flowers or colours that they have picked themselves. I try to make new products each year to keep things interesting for our customers and to expand my skill set. Our bowties are one of a kind and our customers absolutely love them! 

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