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Would you like to get added to our PoxyArt approved small business list and get mentioned on our socials? Here is what you need to know

#PoxyArtAppoved: Get your small business, PoxyArt approved

PoxyArt would love to give back to the resin art community and help grow your small business. Here at PoxyArt, we not only believe in the success of our business, but we believe in yours too!

Our aim is to help you get the exposure your small business deserves, while you focus on doing what you love. Our #PoxyArtApproved initiative allows local resin art businesses the chance to have their creations shared on our social media pages and seen by over 10 000 new followers.

We get a lot of inquiries for finished resin products and we refer them to our PoxyArt Approved Small Businesses page. Get your small business featured here for some awesome exposure.

Read more about the featured businesses so far, and if you are interested in getting your small business PoxyArt approved, read more down below and find out how we can help you grow your business! 

About the #PoxyArtApproved initiative

Advertising can be expensive, so let us help you out. All we need is your social links to see what you have created, and we will share, share, share…


  • Your business does not need to be a registered business, but it should be an established business. (We do not assist you in starting a new business)
  • You need to have an established social media following for your business. (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok)
  • Your resin creations need to be creative and unique.
  • We can only share your posts if you include PoxyArt products in your images/video’s or if we have been tagged in your social post.
  • We will look at your current social media posts to see if your products/posts qualify to be shared on our social pages.
  • We are looking for professional, well finished projects and businesses.


What’s in it for you?

  • Your social posts can be shared on our PoxyArt social pages.
  • You will get a website page created as seen on our current Approved Small Businesses page. We send customers to this page when they request items to be custom made for them.
  • Your business will be promoted and mentioned in each post we make using your images, with our 10000 followers this is a no brainer when it comes to your marketing.
  • When we have special features, like Christmas, we will be in contact with you and ask if you would like us to share some of your current projects.
  • Get an advantage in the market and get your business featured by the leading resin supplier in South Africa.


“I would like to thank you and the whole team of Poxyart for this great opportunity! My business has certainly picked up and it is one of the best decisions that I could have made. I’ve had many requests and definitely new challenges which I love! I’ve also gained a couple of new clients in the process. I cannot express enough what a great opportunity this is for me and my business as well as my appreciation for Poxyart. I was so excited every time I saw the posts popping up. I gained a lot of new page likes and followers. This opportunity is definitely a must for any small resin/craft business.”
Tess Kreatief
Small Business Owner

Do you want your social posts to be shared by PoxyArt & get your business details on our small business info page? Please send us the following details and we will get back to you asap…

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