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HDPE Leveling Tables

Why a HDPE leveling table?

Our Leveling Tables are made form HDPE. Resin does not stick to HDPE and therefore is very suitable for a working surface. Dried Resin can easily be removed from the table, and uncured resin can be wiped off with some Acetone (without damaging the Table). HDPE can easily be scratched so be very careful with sharp objects.

The HDPE also has a gloss finish should you want to use it to cast resin onto.

Having a Leveling Table means that your work station is always set up and ready for use.

How to level your HDPE Leveling Table?

The Leveling Table comes with 4 adjustable feet.

Screw in all 4 feet and place it on a table, feet facing down.

Place your Spirit Level on top of the table, length wise. Adjust the height of your feet on the one side to get the bubble centered on your Spirit Level.

Now turn your Spirit Level 90° and center the bubble again by adjusting the feet.

Your Table is now level and ready to be used.

How to clean your HDPE Leveling Table?

The HDPE Leveling Table is easy to clean.

Dried resin can carefully be popped off using the blade of a art knife.

Do not cut into the HDPE and also do not scrape the resin off as it will leave scratches on your table.

After removing all the cured resin wipe your table with some Acetone so get rid of any uncured resin or dirt.

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