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Download your PDF User Guide & Resin Data Sheet:

Download your PDF User Guide & Resin Data Sheet:

PoxyArt Resin User Guide

PoxyArt Resin Data Sheet

PoxyArt Resin Material Safety Data Sheet

PoxyArt Hardener Material Safety Data Sheet

Want to know how much Resin you need? We use the following links to calculate it:

For a Circle

For a Square/ Rectangle 

Resin Mixing Guide:


  • Only mix as much resin as you need, rather mix too little and add more, than mix too much and waste.
  • Make sure you work on a level work surface as resin is self-leveling.
  • Working in a warm room helps the Resin flow easier. In winter you can even place your premixed resin and hardener in a bowl of warm water before mixing. (NOTE: Place bottles in a plastic bag so it does not come in direct contact with the water).
  • Cover your work area with a protective pvc plastic sheet, any spills will be hard to remove once set.
  • Gloves are recommended purely because it can get messy.
  • Before the resin has set, it can be cleaned with Acetone.
  • PoxyArt Resin can be tinted with a variety of pigments including inks, powders and even paint.
  • Always do small tests and experiments when using pigments as they may have different end results.


PoxyArt resin is a two-part Epoxy Resin that is mixed in equal parts by volume (1 part Resin + 1 part Hardener).

For sake of clarity in this guide we will be mixing enough to fill a 20ml silicone mould. (This can be scaled up according to your needs.)

  1. Pour 10ml Resin (Part One) into your mixing cup.
  2. Add 10ml Hardener (Part Two) to the Resin to form a 20ml mixture.
  3. Mix slowly but well until no streaks are visible in the mixture. (about 3mins)
  4. At this stage, you can add a drop of pigment to colour your Resin or leave as is for a clear casting. (mix well after adding pigments to get an even colour).
  5. Let your mixture rest for a couple of minutes so air bubbles can rise to the surface.
  6. Pour your mixture into your mould (or onto your canvas, glass or photo etc.).
  7. You can use a heat gun or pass a blow torch or lighter flame just above the surface to pop any air bubbles.
  8. You have about 20 minutes work time before the resin will start to gel (depending on room temperature).
  9. Cover your casted item to protect from dust and leave to set for 8-12hrs (depending on room temperature).
  10. The Resin should now be set solid and easily handled but cure to maximum hardness in 7 days.

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