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PoxyArt Craft Resin – How To Guide

Resin Mixing Guide:


  • Only mix as much resin as you need, rather mix too little and add more, than mix too much and waste.
  • Make sure you work on a level work surface as resin is self-levelling. 
  • Working in a warm room helps the resin flow easier. In winter you can even place your unmixed resin and hardener in a bowl of lukewarm water before mixing. (NOTE: Place bottles in a plastic bag so it does not come in direct contact with the water.)Cover your work area with a protective pvc plastic sheet, any spills will be hard to remove once set. Alternatively use our HDPE Leveling Table as it is non stick and very easily cleaned.
  • Cover your work surface with pvc plastic or a silicone working mat to protect from spills.
  • Always wear the appropriate PPE.
  • Any spills or tools can be cleaned with Acetone. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer is very handy as well.
  • PoxyArt Craft Resin can be tinted with PearlEx Powder, PoxyPigment and Pinata ink. You can experiment with many other tinting methods. Always do a test to see what the final colour will be before starting a big project.


PoxyArt Craft resin is a two-part Epoxy Resin that is mixed in equal parts by volume (1 part Resin + 1 part Hardener). For sake of clarity, we will be mixing 20ml final product. (This can be scaled up according to your needs.)

  • Pour 10ml Resin into your mixing cup.
  • Add 10ml Hardener to the Resin to form a 20ml mixture.
  • Mix slowly but well, until no streaks are visible in the mixture. (about 3 minutes) Remember to scrape the sides and the bottom of your cup to ensure everything is mixed completely.
  • At this stage you can add a pigment to colour your resin or leave as is for a clear casting. (mix well after adding pigment to get an even colour.)
  • Let your mixture rest for a couple of minutes so air bubbles can rise to the surface.
  • Pour your mixture into your mould, canvas or many other surfaces.
  • You can use a heat gun or pass a blow torch or lighter flame just above the surface to pop any air bubbles.
  • You have about 20-35 minutes working time before the resin will start to gel (Depending on room temperature and volume mixed.)
  • Cover your casting to protect it from dust and leave to set for 8-12 hours. (Depending on room temperature and volume mixed.) The chemical process will only be completed after 7 days.
  • The Resin should now be set solid and can handled.

Want to know how much Resin you need? We use the following links to calculate it:

For a Circle

For a Square/ Rectangle 

Download your PDF User Guide & Resin Data Sheet:

Download your PDF User Guide & Resin Data Sheet:

PoxyArt Resin User Guide

PoxyArt Resin Data Sheet

PoxyArt Resin Material Safety Data Sheet

PoxyArt Hardener Material Safety Data Sheet

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