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PoxyPaste – How To Guide

PoxyPaste Guide:

PoxyPaste is a two-part Epoxy that can be used for resin art, texture art, and making small castings using silicone moulds.

Before you start:

  • Only mix as much paste as you need, rather mix too little and add more, than mix too much and waste.
  • No need for a level surface as PoxyPaste is non-flowing.
  • Working in a warm room softens the two parts to help with mixing.
  • Cover your work area with a protective pvc plastic sheet, any spills will be hard to remove once set.
  • Gloves are recommended purely because it can get messy.
  • Before PoxyPaste has set, it can be cleaned simply with water.
  • PoxyPaste can be tinted with a variety of pigments including inks and paint.
  • Always do small tests and experiments when using pigments as they may have different end results.

PoxyPaste is a two-part Epoxy paste that is mixed as follows (2 part Resin + 1 part Hardener). For sake of clarity, we will be mixing one unit of PoxyPaste. (This can be scaled up according to your needs.)

Mixing Instructions:

  • PoxyPaste is thick and can there for not be poured into a cup to measure.
  • Using a scoop/spoon will work much easier.
  • Add two scoops of Resin onto your mixing tray.
  • Add one scoop of Hardener to the Resin for mixing.
  • Mix the two parts together using an art knife or a mixing stick. Mix until the two parts are mixed thoroughly and no steeks are visible.
  • At this stage you can add a pigment to colour your Paste or leave as is. (mix well after adding pigment to get an even colour.)
  • You can paint over the Paste after it has set.
  • Using your pallet knife or mixing stick, spread your PoxyPaste onto the surface of your canvas/board etc. to create different textures.
  • You can also use a piping bag to pipe the PoxyPaste into a silicone mould.
  • You have about 30 minutes working time before the PoxyPaste will start to gel (depending on room temperature).
  • Leave to set for 6-8 hours. (depending on room temperature).
  • The PoxyPaste should now be set solid and easily handled but cure to maximum hardness in 7 days.

Download our PoxyPaste Data Sheet & User Guide here:

Download your PDF User Guide & PoxyPaste Data Sheet:

PoxyPaste User Guide

PoxyPaste Data Sheet

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