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Meet Lillie Blom

Where did it all begin?

Lillie Blom started in May 2020 as an attempt at creating a small business during the Covid19 lockdown. Initially I started creating personalised gift boxes but in January 2021, whilst scrolling through Pinterest I came across resin art gifts, and I fell in love. Through this newfound passion, I attended a resin workshop in Alberton and started my journey into the world of resin art. I have used the PoxyArt products from day one and I absolutely love what they have to offer and the creations I am able to make with their vast array of products available to the public.

What makes my product or service stand out?

90% of all my products are personalized – clients love to personalize everything! My resin products consist of many natural materials such as flowers, leaves, coffee beans and much, much more and I always ensure I deliver a quality and professional service.

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