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Meet Minette's Creations

Where did it all begin?

My love for resin started around 2019. I had been fascinated with resin for quite some time and would spend hours watching videos and looking for inspiration while considering beginning my resin art journey.

When I finally decided to take the leap, I had absolutely no idea that there was an affordable supplier so close to home-PoxyArt. The very first piece I fell in love with was a river coffee tabletop that my dad had made for my mom, and it was at that moment I realised that I needed to find a supplier and that I want to do resin. Back then I did not know what or how, I just knew I had to. And so, the search for a supplier and more ideas began and then one day I landed on PoxyArt’s page and well, the rest is history…

My goal is to provide a project that not only I love, but that my clients will love and admire for years to come. Over the past few years, I have gained experience and an even bigger love for what I do. There is never a challenge or new concept I am not willing to try. I have gained enough experience to be able to confidently host resin workshops for small groups or individuals in partnership with PoxyArt. I love sharing my passion and love for resin with others and either help them get started on their own resin journey or if they need a little assistance in a project to help them achieve it; all while having fun.

I also facilitate Resin classes and you can contact me if you would like to book a class host. 

What makes my product or service stand out?

From my very first creation, I decided that I want to be able to give my clients the chance to have something personalised made for them.

What started out as only dabbling in creating small pieces like hair clips and bookmarks, have significantly grown to something of everything.

Now my projects range from:

  • Hair accessories
  • Jewellery pieces
  • Keyrings
  • Paperweights
  • Jewellery trays
  • Flower preservations in resin
  • Bespoke personalized gifts/ Memorabilia
  • Class Host
  • And many more

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