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Meet Odille's Handcrafted Keyrings

Where did it all begin?

I have always had a love for keyrings. Be it a pool ball, smiley face, elephant, bible verse or coloured plastic worm. Never have I thought I would be able to create my own unique, one-of-a-kind keyrings.

When I heard of resin and the amazing things you can create with it, I was head over heels! Sept 2022, I decided to take a leap of faith and invested in a few necessities. Poxy Art immediately became my favourite and preferred supplier for everything I might need and love! Glitter, moulds, mica powders, acrylic paint, tools and did I mention glitter?? with so much more!

What makes my product or service stand out?

Put it in the light and it will shine!!

My keyrings are made from the finest Poxy Art products and are designed with passion to obtain the best quality in every piece.

A keyring is very personal. Create your own unique keyring or choose from existing the stock. A variety of moulds, colours and designs are available, and you can combine as many different ones as you like.

Whether you want it small and simple, or big, colourful and full of bling. I have it all!
Your handbag, keys and even your lunch bag will stand out with my creations

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