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Open Bezel Project

Perfect to make for a gift or to spoil yourself.

What you require:

  • Craft Resin

  • Open Bezel Bunny #220

  • Magenta Pearl Ex Powder

  • Pink Gold Pearl Ex Powder

  • Duo Blue Purple Pearl Ex Powder

  • PoxyPigment White

  • Mixing Sticks

  • 75ml Mixing cups

  • Mini Lighter

  • Clear Box Tape

  • Small tip Paint brush


Grab these items:

Step by Step Guide:

  • Find a level working surface and cover it with a silicone working mat or plastic sheet.
  • Have a plastic container or box close by to cover your mould when you are done pouring your resin.
  • Seal the back of your open bezel by placing it onto some clear box tape, press the edges firmly onto the tape.
  • Cut the tape around the open bezel form. Leaving enough tape around the edge to still form a seal. Do not leave to much tape around the edge as it will curl up into your resin when you use a lighter later on.

Bubble Tip!
Boil the kettle and pour some water in a bowl. Add your resin and hardener into your mixing cup (do not mix yet), put your mixing cup in the boiled water and leave it for a few seconds. You will notice as you start to stir slowly that the mixture is a lot thinner. Mix slowly until no streaks are visible. Don’t leave it in the hot water for too long as it will speed up the curing.

  • Add 5ml Hardener and 5ml Resin into your mixing cup.
  • Add 2-3 drops of PoxyPigment White to your mixed resin.
  • You can determine what your colour will look like in the mould by referring to the resin stuck to the mixing stick. If you would like the colour to be more solid you can add a bit more pigment and mix through.
  • Once you are happy with your colour you are now ready to create your open bezel.
  • Fill your open bezel with white resin.

It’s now time to add the speckled egg look.

  • Dip the tip of your paint brush into the pearl ex powder.
  • Remove some powder by tapping the brush lightly over your wet resin pendant. Do this for each colour.
  • Lightly blow the powder over the resin. Use a straw to get a controlled blow or lightly blow without a straw to get a more abstract look.
  • You might see some small surface bubbles forming on the surface of the resin,
  • Cover your work with your box or container so dust does not settle on your resin whilst curing.
  • After 20 min your resin will now be thickening up and you can now leave it to fully cure.
  • After 8-12 hours your resin will now be set and ready to add a necklace chain to it.


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