Pearl Ex Bangle

What do you require:

  • PoxyArt Craft Resin
  • Any silicone mould
  • Mixing cup
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Paint Brush
  • Pearl Ex Powder 
  • Silicone working mat
  • Lighter, to pop any small bubbles on the surface
  • Small electric sander / sand paper

How did we do it:

  • Make sure your working surface is level before.
  • Paint the Pearl Ex Powder onto your silicone mould. Remove any excess powder by turning over the mould and tapping lightly.
  • Mix your PoxyArt Craft Resin as per the mixing instructions.
  • Fill your silicone mould to the desired height.
  • You can now pop you bubbles with your lighter. We used a pressure pot to eliminate all small bubbles, but you do not need to do this. You can warm your Resin bottles in some lukewarm water before mixing, this also help to prevent bubbles in your mix.
  • At this point we put our resin in the pressure pot and left it under pressure over night. But you can do this with out a pressure pot.
  • Close your work with a bowl or a box to protect it from dust.
  • Un-mould after 24 hours.
  • You can trim away any access resin with a scissor. Sand down the resin on the edges to smooth them out. 
  • Polish up the resin. 
  • Remember the Pearlex Powder is only on the surface of the resin, so it can be sanded off. Be careful not to sand the Pearl Ex areas.

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