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Resin Photo Tray

What you require:

  • Wooden Tray
  • Laminated Photograph
  • Acrylic Paint – Dark Grey
  • Paint Brush
  • PoxyArt Craft Resin
  • Mixing Cups and Utensils
  • Lighter / Torch / Heat gun

How did we do it

When you are using paper in your resin projects, take note that they will appear as if they are wet or the colours might bleed into your resin. To avoid these problems you need to seal your paper or photographs

  • Paint your tray the desired colour, we used a Dark Grey. (Leave your paint to fully dry before adding resin)
  • Select your images you would like to add to your tray. Decide on your layout.
  • Each image needs to be laminated and trimmed to leave only a thin edge of laminate around the image. Make sure not to cut to close as to break the seal and allow resin to penetrate your laminated photo.
  • Make sure your tray is placed on a level surface before starting to add your resin.
  • Mix some resin as per the mixing instructions. 30ml Resin+ 30ml Hardener
  • Spread a thin layer of resin into your tray and place your photos onto the resin. You can lightly press on the images to allow them to stick to the resin. You will need to pop all the small bubbles that form to get a nice finish, be careful not to melt your laminated images. Click Here for some bubble tips.
  • Cover your tray to protect it from dust and leave to dry.
The Next Day
  • You can now pour your final layer of resin. Make sure your surface is clean and free of dust before mixing your resin and pouring your final layer.
  • Measure your tray and use this Calculator Link to calculate how much Craft Resin you need to mix for your tray.
  • Mix some resin as per the mixing instructions. Cover the tray completely with resin to ensure an even surface coat.
  • Pop all the bubbles using a lighter/torch/heat gun.
  • Cover your project to protect it form dust while curing.
  • Check up on your project for 20- 40 minutes and pop all the bubbles with a lighter/torch to ensure you get a nice clear casting.

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