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#PartnerWithPoxyArt: Feature your small business

PoxyArt would love to give back to the resin art community and help grow your small business. Here at PoxyArt, we not only believe in the success of our business, but we believe in yours too!

Our aim is to help you get the exposure your small business deserves, while you focus on doing what you love. Our #PartnerWithPoxyArt initiative allows local resin art businesses the chance to partner with us and have their creations shared on our social media pages and seen by over 10 000 new followers!

Read more about the featured businesses so far, and if you are interested in Partnering with PoxyArt with your small business, read more down below and find out how we can help you grow your business! 

Our featured businesses:

As any small business owner knows, starting your own can be a rollercoaster. From what started out as a mother and son business just over 5 years ago, has blossomed into what we like to call “an entrepreneurial, mother and daughter, match made in heaven”.

When we first launched the PoxyArt brand, we learnt that there was only one ‘F-word’ that mattered…Failure. Through various attempts at creating some beautifully bizarre resin art creations, we soon learnt that it was through these experiences that we would use them as our steppingstone to success – after all, if you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

I am Terisel Naudé, owner of Tess Kreatief (Pty) Ltd.

I started Tess Kreatief in 2020, making handmade jewellery using fauna and flora elements like bees, (no bees are ever harmed) and dried flowers. At first it only started as a hobby and then people started reacting to the creativity in my products, so I then decided to make a business out of it. We strive for happy customers and people who appreciate our creativeness while focussing on creating awareness around the importance of our fauna and flora in South Africa.

To read more about Tess Kreatief and see some of their work, click here:


My love for resin started around 2019. I had been fascinated with resin for quite some time and would spend hours watching videos and looking for inspiration while considering beginning my resin art journey.

When I finally decided to take the leap, I had absolutely no idea that there was an affordable supplier so close to home-PoxyArt. The very first piece I fell in love with was a river coffee tabletop that my dad had made for my mom, and it was at that moment I realised that I needed to find a supplier and that I want to do resin. Back then I did not know what or how, I just knew I had to. And so, the search for a supplier and more ideas began and then one day I landed on PoxyArt’s page and well, the rest is history…

To read more about Tess Kreatief and see some of their work, click here:

Lillie Blom started in May 2020 as an attempt at creating a small business during the Covid19 lockdown. Initially I started creating personalised gift boxes but in January 2021, whilst scrolling through Pinterest I came across resin art gifts, and I fell in love. Through this newfound passion, I attended a resin workshop in Alberton and started my journey into the world of resin art. I have used the PoxyArt products from day one and I absolutely love what they have to offer and the creations I am able to make with their vast array of products available to the public.

To read more about Lillie Blom and see some of their work, click here:

Simone is a clinical Audiologist turned Life coach who found her passion and purpose by helping others heal and love themselves again through UNDERSTANDING THEMSELVES BETTER.

She believes that the 1st step to truly loving yourself is UNDERSTANDING yourself. Simone spent many years stuck in a corporate industry that was hurting her soul and she didn’t belong. She suffered with severe anxiety and depression and overall didn’t like who she was anymore. She then decided to take a leap and quit to focus on her own healing through self love and creativity.

To read more about Simone at Cosmic Creations, click here:

I started working with resin in 2015, initially creating furniture embellishments with polyester resin, but trying to find a market for them after moving to a small coastal town was proving difficult. That’s when I found PoxyArt. My first order consisted of some jewellery moulds and resin – and WOW! I knew this was the start to a new and exciting journey. Living in a small coastal town in the Cape, I was lucky enough to find not only inspiration right on my fynbos and shell filled doorstep but pieces which I wanted to feature in my projects. Since then, I have started selling my pieces at our local gift shop (the owners and staff are my biggest cheerleaders and have helped me grow my little business exponentially) and work from home in my resin studio.

To find out more about Yoo-Neek visit

Fassa Jewelry first started to take shape when I was in my matric year in 2017. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a beautiful dandelion captured in resin epoxy. I was so amazed and started doing research on resin. After many failed attempts and some good attempts as well, I started to get the hang of it. My small business started to grow, and my products gained a lot of attention and interest. Today, I am very proud of how far Fassa has come and although my business is still small, my products and skillset have improved a lot. 
I enjoy custom orders from clients and love seeing their ideas come to life by my hand. All our products are unique, made with love and a passion for resin, jewelry and art. 

To find out more about Yoo-Neek visit

About the #PartnerWithPoxyArt initiative

Advertising can be expensive, so let us help you out. We will promote your business and products for one FULL MONTH. Who can say no to that? There is no hidden costs – we will even provide the products. All we need from you is to supply is with some images of your completed creations and the creative process. Ts & Cs apply.

Application requirements:

  • Your business does not need to be a registered business.
  • You need to have an established social media following for your business. You are required to be active on at least two social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok)
  • Your resin creations need to be creative and unique.
  • You may only use PoxyArt products when taking photos/videos of your work for the promotion.
  • You will be judges on your current social media posts, so determine if your look and feel is what we are looking for.
  • We are looking for professional, well finished projects.


What’s in it for you?

  • You will receive a gift box of PoxyArt products, to the value of R750 . Each gift box will be applicant specific.
  • Your resin business will be featured on our social media platforms for a FULL MONTH. We will use your images to create content posts on our feeds. We will create 4 posts minimum that feature your work and business. We will also add your work to our Facebook banner.
  • Your business will be promoted and mentioned in each post we make using your images, with our 10000 followers this is a no brainer when it comes to your marketing.
  • Get an advantage in the market and get your business featured by the leading resin supplier in South Africa.


Some Feedback from one of the Small Businesses we featured:

“I would like to thank you and the whole team of Poxyart for this great opportunity!  My business has certainly picked up and it is one of the best decisions that I could have made.  

I’ve had many requests and definitely new challenges which I love!  I’ve also gained a couple of new clients in the process.  I cannot express enough what a great opportunity this is for me and my business as well as my appreciation for Poxyart.  I was so excited every time I saw the posts popping up.  I gained a lot of new page likes and followers.  This opportunity is definitely a must for any small resin/craft business.” – by Tess Kreatief 


Promotion requirement:

  • You will be required to do an unboxing video of your gift box.
  • A min of 4 projects, and min of 10 images of each project needs to be submitted for approval. We will then use your images to create a design for our social media pages. It would be great to have some of our products in your images, but it is not a must. We will simply tag the products on our post.
  • You will be required to post your projects on your own social media pages as well using the #poxyartsmallbusinesspromotion #poxyart #resinartsouthafrica

You will receive recognition for all posts and artwork, but you hereby give PoxyArt permission to use your content in the future without any royalty’s.

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