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PoxyPaste - Beach

What you require:

For the Sand:

  • PoxyPaste
  • PearlEx Pigment – Antique Copper & Brilliant Gold
  • Mixing Utensils
  • Wooden board

For the Ocean:

  • Craft Resin
  • PoxyPigment Blue, Black & White
  • Mixing Cups
  • Mixing Utensils
  • Heat Gun

How did we do it

Creating the beach
*Find our simple PoxyPaste mixing instruction HERE
  • Mix your PoxyPaste as per the mixing instructions. 2 Parts Resin and 1 Part Hardener.
  • Mix on a separate silicone mat, glass sheet or a plastic sheet.
  • You will now have a smooth, grey mixture.
  • Use a art knife to spread the PoxyPaste over your board, you can add as much texture as you like. Remember to only spread the paste where you would like the beach to be.
  • Mix your PearlEx powder in cup. We used a mixture of Antique Copper &
  • Brilliant Gold to achieve the colour we desire.
  • Before the paste dries, use a soft paint brush to paint the PearlEx powder over your paste.
  • Leave your PoxyPaste to dry.
  • Remove all the access PearlEx Powder with a damp cloth or wet wipe.

Creating the ocean
*Find our simple Craft Resin mixing instruction HERE
  • Prime your board with a acrylic paint. We used a dark grey colour.
  • Make sure that your primer is 100% dry before you add your resin.
  • Mix your Craft Resin as per the mixing instructions. 1 Parts Resin and 1 Part Hardener by volume.
  • Divide your mixed resin into 3 cups.
    • Cup 1: Dark Blue (we used PoxyPigment Blue and Black)
    • Cup 2: White PoxyPigment
    • Cup 3: Leave as clear
  • Pour your base colour – Dark Blue – and spread it all over your board.
  • Pour a thin line of clear resin where the PoxyPaste and Resin meet.
  • Pour a thin line of white resin over the clear resin – make sure to pour it right on the edge where the resin and PoyPaste joins.
  • Use your heat gun and blow the white over the clear and dark blue resin.
  • If you have any surface bubbles, you can use a lighter to pop them.
  • Cover your art work to protect it form dust, and leave it to dry for 12 hours.

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