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PoxyPaste Texture Art

PoxyPaste is great for creating texture.

What you require:

How did we do it

Follow our easy to follow Mixing Guide to mix your PoxyPaste.

  • Paint the Canvas/ Board.
  • Mask off the areas you would like to leave in the background colour.
  • Mix your PoxyPaste as per the instructions.
  • Split your PoxyPaste mixture in two and colour them with your Pearl Ex powder pigment.
  • Apply the PoxyPaste to your canvas/ board using a Art Knife to create the texture.
  • If you would like to enhance the colour you can add more Pearl Ex powder ontop of your PoxyPaste by using a soft brush. This must be done while the PoxyPaste is still wet. Remove any excess powder.
  • The PoxyPaste and Pearl Ex will clean off easily with soapy water or a wet wipe.
  • When you are satisfied with the texture you can remove the tape. The tape has to be removed while the paste is still wet.
  • Careful not to damage your paste while removing the tape. 
  • Leave to dry overnight. 

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