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Project Ideas

Looking for that spark of creativity to ignite the idea behind your next epoxy art project? We have a well of awesome and simple ideas for you to draw from.

Here at PoxyArt we love to see some of the creative works our clients come up with, how cleverly you can come up with the perfect gift or artwork for just about any occasion.

But we also understand that sometimes, creativity doesn’t come easy, and sometimes all that brilliant idea needs is a little nudge to come out of hiding.

So, to give you that inspiration you need, we have collated some of our favourite ideas for epoxy artworks and gifts.

Here you will find a wealth of ideas for all kinds of artworks, gifts and trinkets that are easy to make and deliver beautiful results.

These project ideas for resin art offer something for every occasion and includes everything from quaint fridge magnets and earrings to décor texture art.

Browse through our list of ideas to find your next muse.

If you would like to know more about our selection of epoxy resin products, or are on the lookout for more creative project ideas for resin art, be sure to get in contact with a representative from PoxyArt today.

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