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Small Tic Tac Toe Mould #483

Full Mould Size: 127 x 110 x 5.5mm

Board Size: 91 x 91mm

Playing Pieces Size: 21mm

Colour: Off white/ clear

Approximately 60ml mixed resin needed in total

Board: 55ml   /  x & 0 per Piece:5ml

You will receive one Resin Silicone Mould perfect for Resin casting.


R97.75 incl. VAT

Out of stock

More Information

This resin silicone mould is made of soft silicone that allows for easy demoulding of resin. A release agent is not required but can help to prolong your moulds life.

The glossy internal surface ensures that your resin casting will have the maximum shine when unmoulded.

The general life span of a mould is 12-20 castings, after that it will need to be replace.

At PoxyArt we stock a big range of silicone moulds for resin. Read more about some of the Need to Know facts about resin.

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