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Sevens PoxyPigment Pack

The PoxyPigment Pack consists of 7 x 50ml of our full range of colours:


PoxyPigment is an opaque pigment and does NOT have a pearlescent effect. Only a view drops are needed when using PoxyPigment to colour your resin.

It comes with a spout to help control how much is used.

Always shake the bottle well before use to make sure the pigment is mixed before you add it to your resin.

R280.00 incl. VAT

Only 5 left in stock

More Information

PoxyPigment is an approved PoxyArt colour Pigment.

This pigment is VOC free.

The Pigment will only cure once mixed with your Resin Mixture.

Use in a well ventilated area.

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