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Silica Bead Regenerating guide

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The most efficient way of removing moisture from Silica Beads, is heat.

Although silica gel has a very high melting temperature (1600 °C). It will lose its chemically bound water and hygroscopic properties if heated above 300 °C.

Heat at 120°C – 140°C. Do not exceed as the organic dyes are heat sensitive and their colour indicating dye will be affected. The principal impact of a lower heat of regeneration is that a longer time is required to dry the gel and there is less potential for the degeneration of silica gel properties.

There are two ways of regenerating your Silica Beads.

1) Regeneration in the oven

Heat at 120°C – 140°C. In a conventional oven, the time of regeneration varies from minutes to hours.

From dark green, it will turn to the original orange colour.

When regenerated, allow the beads to cool slightly (encourage the moisture that has been driven out to disperse to prevent it from being immediately re-absorbed)

Store in an airtight container until required for use.

Regeneration can be repeated many times before the beads begin to crack or lose its dye, because the colour change is no longer apparent.

Avoid breathing in the dust or exceed the exposure limits.

Wash hands with soap and water once complete.

2) Regeneration in the microwave

Place the beads in a microwave proof container. The individual beads can become very hot, so do not use a plastic container as it can melt.

Heat the beads for around 5 minutes (or until the beads have returned to their original colour) opening the door from time to time to let the water vapour out and to allow the beads to cool down before reheating again.

Continue this process until the beads turn back to their original orange colour.

Store in an airtight container after regeneration.

After regeneration, thoroughly clean the microwave and air it out prior to re-use.

Avoid breathing in the dust or exceed the exposure limits.

Wash hands with soap and water once completed.

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