What type of silicone mould should you use for resin?

Resin does not stick to silicone and some plastics. A soft Silicone mould is required to allow you to pop out your cured resin casting with ease.

You can use baking moulds. Always look at the inside of the mould, if the surface is glossy your casting will come out glossy, if the surface is matt your resin will come out matt/dull.

Tip: Be careful when using heat or flame on silicone moulds, they will melt and stick to your resin. You will loose your mould and your resin casting. When using heat or a flame keep it at a distance and for very short periods.

Do I need a release agent?

We do not use a release agent with our resin and moulds. You can however use one to prolong the life of your mould.

When you are un-moulding your resin piece, gently pull away the silicone from the resin. You can un-mould difficult items under a tap with running water and soap.

Please note that our resin’s are solvent free thus having less damaging chemicals, so your moulds will last longer. Solvent based resin’s might react differently to the silicone and damage the mould quiker.

How to clean a silicone mould?

When you purchase your silicone mould it will come in a plastic packet. It is best to keep your mould in this packet when you are not using it.

Every little dust particle will stick to your mould, this can ruin a resin project. A simple way to clean out the dust is to use sticky tape and wipe out your mould with it.

You can wash your silicone mould with cold soapy water and leave it to air dry. DO NOT use acetone or thinners to clean your moulds, it will damage the silicone.

How much resin do I need?

We have added the volume to each of our mould to the product description.

Alternatively you can download our volume list HERE

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