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Meet Cosmic Creations

Where did it all begin?

Simone is a clinical Audiologist turned Life coach who found her passion and purpose by helping others heal and love themselves again through UNDERSTANDING THEMSELVES BETTER.

She believes that the 1st step to truly loving yourself is UNDERSTANDING yourself. Simone spent many years stuck in a corporate industry that was hurting her soul and she didn’t belong. She suffered with severe anxiety and depression and overall didn’t like who she was anymore. She then decided to take a leap and quit to focus on her own healing through self love and creativity.

Her Journey has allowed her to find herself again. She started working with Resin about 3 years ago and this is when her creative energy really got to flow. Working with resin has changed her life in so many ways. It has been an outlet for stress, anxiety and all the noise in the world. It has allowed her to freely express her self and has not only been a hobby but a form of self therapy. It has made such an impact on her life that she now wants to share it with others.

Simone now runs Resin workshops where she takes you through the practical and creative side of working with resin – How to unlock your creative Energy again and how to use it in your daily life!

She hopes to connect with you through her online and offline Resin workshops.

What makes my product or service stand out?

Starting your journey with resin can be daunting at first. 

The main concerns are 

  • What type of resin to use 
  • How to mix it well
  • What can you add to resin
  • How to use it correctly 
  • Resin versatility 


During our classes we starting with resin step by step – from Measuring to colour mixing and how to fully unlock the potential of resin.

We all have to start somewhere right? 

During the class you have full creative freedom with many different materials including dried flowers, pigments, inks, crystals and much more pretty little things. We are there to merely guide you through the process. 

Our classes are designed to teach you a new skill but more so  to allow you to activate and unlock your creative Energy. 

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