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The Poxy Pot: Pearls of Wisdom

Whether you’re a newbie in the resin art world or have been doing this for quite some time… you’ve definitely heard of PearlEx Powders also known as Mica Powder!

Regarded as one of the most versatile pigment options for a wide variety of crafts, PearlEx Powders offer a highly pigmented metallic or pearlescent effect, sought after by most crafters. These mica powders can be added to resin, slime, clay, wax and a huge variety of other DIY projects.

With one of the largest pigment colour charts, it’s no surprise that almost every art fanatic will have a handful of these pigments in their crafter’s toolbox. Available in a plethora of vivid colours, these pigments are praised for their inability to fade or tarnish and will leave your projects looking as good as the day you made them.

PearlEx Powders for resin art projects:

Depending on what effect you’re going for, you can use your PearlEx powders in 2 ways:

  1. You can mix the pigment into your resin before pouring to give your projects a high gloss, metallic effect or
  2. You can dust the powder into your mould with a brush before a pour, to give it a more matt finish but with the same metallic/pearlescent effect. (Remember to remove any excess powder before pouring).

Note: Interference pigments will only reveal their magic when demoulded or used on black pigmented resin.

Important reminders:

  • When working with any powdered pigments it is important to take the right safety precautions as these are easily inhaled.
  • PearlEx Powders are manufactured to use only within the arts and crafts industry and should not be used in food items or cosmetics. This could result in eye/skin irritation as well as food poisoning.

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