The Resin Guide

a Resin Guide – Coming Soon

We are planning a future Resin Art and craft “Video Incorporated eBook” with 12 chapters including +- 30 (5 to 30min) videos also shared on YouTube.

This is a Leak, and Not Fake News.

The first 3 short videos will be launching 1st of September 2017 with the Full Series Launching November 2017 on our YouTube channel, our website, and any affiliated networks at that time (We will also be shared on this group.)

In these episodes we will be covering: (This is an estimation and may be changed). “What resin brand is best for you”, “Get your mixing right”, “How to tint your Resin”, “Jewellery and Small Pieces”, “Craft Projects for Everyone”, “Large Resin Art”, “Resin Hacks”, “Resin Photography”, “Resin Bros”, “The Dark side of Resin”, “Breaking Resin”; “The Future of Resin”.

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