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Meet Trinket Gift’s

Where did it all begin?

Hi, my name is Asmita Ramsook, founder of Trinket Gift’s. Two years ago, I started this business, which was inspired by my love for jewelry. I believe a woman can never have enough pairs of earrings. I simply love them! I use Resin for many of my products.

I failed dismally at my first attempt at using Resin. I barely knew anything about it and I will never forget the experience because the epoxy resin I bought was actually meant to be used on cars. After some research, I discovered PoxyArt and it changed my life.

Resin from PoxyArt works amazing. I love working with it. It’s an absolute gem; it dry’s super-fast which comes in handy with last minute orders from clients. Initially, I started by making small gifts for my family members and friends earrings, key chains, bookmarks and coasters. I personalized them all, and what better way to send a gift?! Printerest quickly became my best friend. The ideas and inspiration I found are endless. Two years later, not only am I confident in manufacturing items now, but I absolutely love it too.

What makes my product or service stand out?

I provide a product that I love making and my clients love as well. I am proud to be a part of creating something special for my clients from a Keychain, to memorial pieces , to wedding preservations , my favorite part is working with them to create something special and personalized , I wholeheartedly enjoy the process from start to end, I love seen the look on their face when they get the gifts and the compliments that come from it as well. I love creating unique gifting. I’ve also learnt that nothing can be perfect and most of the time the imperfections is what makes the item more special, unique and beautiful.

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