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How-To: UV Resin

What is UV Resin?

As a single use liquid which requires no hardening agent, this incredible product needs no mixing and as a very short curing period. There’s no need to mix or measure and within just a few minutes under a UV light, you can revel at the sight of your newest creation.

UV resin is best used for smaller projects such as trinkets, jewellery, and pendants however it can be used for any castings up to 3-4mm thick.

You can use it directly from the bottle or add a little bit to a cup to add pigments.

NOTE: As soon as the resin is exposed to UV light it will start to set.

Curing Time?

We recommend using a 36 Watt UV light for best curing results, but you can also leave it in the sun as well.

  • 36 Watt UV Lamp 2-4 minutes.
  • Sunlight (Sunny Day) 5-10 minutes.
  • Sunlight (Cloudy Day) 20-40 minutes.

Colouring UV resin

Before using any pigment, you need to test it in your UV resin. By mixing a small batch of resin and pigment and allowing it to cure for 3-4 minutes, you will have a more precise idea as to how the pigment will react to the resin and how it will affect the curing process.

Pigments and inserts that can be mixed into the Krystal UV resin:

  • Pinata Alcohol ink (this can either be mixed into the resin or a few drops can be added between resin layers)
  • PoxyArt PearlEx powders
  • PoxyArt PoxyPigments (to be done in thin layers)
  • Dala Glitters
  • Dala Composite Leaf Sheets (Gold, silver and copper)

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