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Wine Stand

Perfect to make for a gift or to spoil yourself.

What you require:

  • Wine stand 
  • Craft Resin
  • Mixing Jug
  • Mixing Cups
  • Mixing Sticks 
  • Copper Leaf 
  • Carbon Black Pearl Ex Powder 
  • Mini Lighter 

Grab these items:

Step by Step Guide:

  • Find a level working surface and cover it with a silicone working mat or plastic sheet.
  • Have a plastic container or box close by to cover your mould when you are done pouring your resin.
  • Add 50ml Hardener and 50ml Resin into your mixing jug.

Bubble Tip!
In winter the resin is a lot thicker, boil the kettle and pour some water in a bowl. Add your resin and hardener into your mixing cup (do not mix yet), put your mixing cup in the boiled water and leave it for a few seconds. You will notice as you start to stir slowly that the mixture is a lot thinner. Mix slowly until no streaks are visible. Don’t leave it in the hot water for too long as it will speed up the curing.

  • Pour 30ml mixed resin into your smaller mixing cup and add a +- 30 x 30mm piece of copper leaf. Break up the sheet by mixing it into your resin. You can add more copper leaf should you like.
  • Add a knife point of Carbon Black Pearl Ex powder to the remaining 70ml resin and mix well. You can determine what you colour will look like in the mould by referring to the resin stuck to the mixing stick. If you would like the colour to be more solid you can add a bit more powder and mix through.
  • Once you are happy with your colour you are now ready create your wine stand.
  • Start with your black resin and pour it around the edge of your mould, do not cover the center of the mould.
  • Pour the clear resin with copper leaf in the center allowing to push back over the black resin.
  • Now fill your mould with the remaining black resin, only pouring it around the edges of your mould.
  • You might see some small surface bubbles forming on the surface of the resin, not to stress you can pop them with a lighter.

Mould Tip!
Be careful not to use a flame or heat gun on a concentrate spot on your mould for too long. Quickly pass over the resin with your lighter. The silicone is not made to be used on high eat and will there for melt if heated to much, causing it to stick to your resin. The resin will not unmould from your silicone mould and you will end up losing your mould and your resin art work.

  • Taking a toothpick and scraping it along the edges of the mould helps loosen any bubbles stuck in the corners and bring them to the surface allowing you to pop them with your lighter.
  • Cover your work with your box or container so dust does not settle on your resin whilst curing.
  • Check up on your resin every 5 minutes and pop any bubbles that has come to the surface. After 20 min your resin will now be thickening up and you can now leave it to fully cure.
  • After 8-12 hours you will be able to remove your wine stand from the mould. Place it on a flat plastic sheet to cure further for the next 12 hours.

You will notice a sharp edge has formed on top of your wine stand, don’t stress we are now going to add a clear dome coat to finish it off.

  • If you have very jagged edges, place your wine stand face down on a sheet of sand paper and lightly sand the edge away. You want a consistent edge to hold back the resin and prevent it from just ruining off the side. I did not see the need to sand my wine stand as my edges were consistent.
  • As before find a level working surface and cover it with a silicone working mat or plastic sheet.
  • Have a plastic container or box close by to cover your mould when you are done pouring your resin.
  • Place your wine stand onto mixing cups to raise them from the table surface. We do this for incase the dome coat runs off and your resin runs under neath and end up ruining your whole wine stand.
  • Mix 30ml resin as before and slowly start pouring it onto your wine stand. Only add a little bit and use your mixing stick to spread the resin to the edges. After you have completely covered your wine stand with a thin layer of resin, you can now start adding more resin to form a dome.
  • Follow the same procedure of popping your bubbles and covering your work as before.

The chemical process of you resin is only completed after 7 days, so leave your wine stand to complete this process before using.

Also take note that the stand will bow under weight if you use it as a permanent display. We suggest only using it on that special occasion to serve your wine, and storing it on a flat surface after use.

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