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Meet Yoo-Neek

Where did it all begin?

I started working with resin in 2015, initially creating furniture embellishments with polyester resin, but trying to find a market for them after moving to a small coastal town was proving difficult. That’s when I found PoxyArt. My first order consisted of some jewellery moulds and resin – and WOW! I knew this was the start to a new and exciting journey. Living in a small coastal town in the Cape, I was lucky enough to find not only inspiration right on my fynbos and shell filled doorstep but pieces which I wanted to feature in my projects. Since then, I have started selling my pieces at our local gift shop (the owners and staff are my biggest cheerleaders and have helped me grow my little business exponentially) and work from home in my resin studio.

What makes my product or service stand out?

The surroundings in my area help a lot with creating unique and sought-after pieces – inspired by the coast, my pieces incorporate the natural beauty of the Cape, and I am able to make customised pieces for holidaymakers to take home as keepsakes which they absolutely love.

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